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One time or Bi-Weekly Service with Standard Chemicals*

Weekly Full Service with Standard Chemicals*

Treatments: Cost varies, depending on pool size and condition.

  • - Green to Clean Algae Removal
  • - Phosphate Removal
  • - Black Algae Removal
  • - Acid Washing

*Standard Chemicals include

muriatic acid, liquid chlorine and/or tabs, sodium bicarbonate, cyanuric acid, calcium hypochlorite and salt.

Technician Details

Technician will have a company shirt so they will be easily recognized. Technician will be as quiet as possible when entering your property. Technician will be very careful not to slam the gate especially when it is very early in the morning. Technician will also be aware and respectful of your landscaping, landscape lighting, and furniture etc.

All Services Include

  • - Skim water surface
  • - Vacuum pool (every visit)
  • - Brush pool walls and steps
  • - Clean/Replace filter cartridges
  • - Spa cleaning
  • - Refill automatic chlorinator with 3” chlorine tablets
  • - Salt cells checked and cleaned as needed
  • - Empty skimmer and pump baskets
  • - Overall equipment inspection
  • - Chemical Testing
  • - Adjust chemicals as needed and shock pool as necessary
  • - Tile cleaning
  • - Lube all O rings
  • - Add proper chemicals as necessary
  • - Check water level
  • - Test pool for free available chlorine and ph
  • - Replace parts as needed
  • - More extensive water analysis as needed

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Suzy Gjesdahl

" I called Ultrablue Pool and Spa and the next day Jose (the owner) was at my house and turned my green pool blue. I have been going to those pool stores spending way too much money and still the pool was green. Jose was friendly, fast, and reasonable in price. I am thrilled that I found Ultrablue. – Suzy Gjesdahl "

Jackie Rosa

" Ultrablue Pool & Spa with Jose (owner) has taken fantastic care of our pool working on it from green to the end result of crystal blue! Honest, reliable and diligent! "

Jim Simmons

" We moved here from a state where pools are utilized 2 to 3 months out of the year. We called Ultrablue and they responded that day with a consultation. Jose, explained everything about our pool and system in a very professional yet friendly manner. Since then Ultrablue has maintained our pool to its crystal clear state. Having Ultrablue maintain my pool is worry free, if a part needs to be replaced, they will let you know and if it is something they can get they will offer to get it for you. Buying a pool is expensive, maintaining it with Ultrablue has been a godsend. "

Juan Roman

" I had the pleasure to have done some business with the people of Ultra Pool & Spa --and wow! What a positive experience. Everything went so smooth. Jose the owner, very friendly and fair guy. I highly recommend this business to anyone looking for pool or spa maintenance service. You'll be glad you did! "